Michael Hardy, Voice Actor

  • Brings a lifetime of experience in theatre and the performing arts to your voiceover project or audio book
  • With a professionally equipped home studio and Source Connect for live recording sessions in studios around the world


Michael has performed, directed, produced, taught, published and consulted in theatre and the performing arts for over 30 years, including significant international experience. His training began in opera and continued in speech and classical theatre culminating in a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. An actor and singer in stage productions ranging from musical comedy to Shakespeare, Michael directed and taught theatre for 20 years and served as president of several large multi-disciplinary performing arts centers and associations.

In his work as a voice actor he produces audio books, commercial voiceovers, non-profit spots, and E-Learning projects. He has a deep, resonant voice and enjoys working with clients to match their needs. He’s enthusiastic about research and interested in a wide range of subjects and projects. He can edit his own recordings to Audible.com standards or work with a studio and can quickly deliver finished projects to meet his clients’ schedules.


Imponderables Proper the Dance: The Russian Collection

by Alex Levitch (available on Amazon and Audible)

From the author: Michael did a phenomenal job narrating my book of poetry. It was a joy to work with him – to have a true professional actor at my disposal to narrate and interpret my words – and Michael was always willing to go the extra mile to achieve the desired delivery. The end result far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Michael for his narration work.

Fauna Park Tales

by Maretha Botha (produced through ACX, pending on Amazon and Audible after sequel is prepared)

From the Author: This is my first audio book production experience and Michael Hardy – always willing to consider my suggestions – made this process a pleasure. My work was not without challenges – an animal and bird adventure series for children set in southern Africa – and required capturing the spirit of Africa with authentic and varied sounds for each character, even the human ones. His willingness to go the extra mile to produce such unique timbre has in my opinion succeeded in creating a memorable narration, which young and old will enjoy.
I look forward to collaborate with him to produce the rest of the series too.


Voices: A Short Story

By A.K. Aaron (available on Amazon)

Additional Demos and Auditions

Animation Voiceovers

Casino Guru “How Casino Games Work” and “Slot Machine Myths”

Produced by Juraj Kovac

From the producer: Just great. Quick response, lovely communication with positive approach. Would recommend to anybody looking for true professional!


Michael Hardy

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