Michael Hardy Management provides consulting services to non-profit or educational organizations planning new performing arts centers, outdoor theatres, and major renovations to existing centers and theatres.  Projects can include feasibility studies, management plans, staffing and budget studies and/or executive search.

Dr. Michael Hardyhardy_10-cropped-2-for-web is the sole principal with the firm and partners, as needed, with architects, theatre consultants, marketing and tourism experts and construction managers.  Hardy brings 40 years of practical, hands-on experience as the President & CEO of four major performing arts centers and numerous consultancies.  He has led organizations through complex new building projects with signature architects as well as extensive renovations to nationally landmarked historic structures. His book Outdoor Theatre Facilities: A Guide to Planning and Building Outdoor Theatres was published in 2014.

As past Executive Director of the International Society for the Performing Arts, he has worked with cultural and management leaders in numerous countries throughout the world.  He currently serves as Director of the Institute of Outdoor Theatre and teaches at East Carolina University.  Hardy is available for a limited number of select projects.

Performing arts facilities are among the most exciting projects a community can build, and they typically create exceptionally strong economic impacts by bringing downtowns to life, stimulating new businesses and demand for nearby residential development.  A successful theatre can expect to enrich its community and the surrounding area for many decades.  But these buildings are also extremely complex to fund, design, construct and operate.  Hardy’s rich experience in all facets of performing arts center development and management enables him to guide his clients through what can seem to be a confused and contradictory thicket of information, agendas and expectations.  He brings a clear focus to how the building will work, serve its artists and provide superior customer service to its audiences.